Moto-IGERT bridges Chicago institutions to develop a rich graduate training program in motor control and movement. Faculty laboratories in the program include foci in neurobiology, biomechanics and engineering, development and evolution. Student projects bridge these areas to develop exciting new lines of inquiry. Learn about our application process and explore our program’s goals and features, community and activities here.



Neuromechanics integrates sensory and motor neurobiology, musculoskeletal biology and biomechanics to examine how animals move from morphological, physiological and functional perspectives.
Development of Motor
Control and Movement
Early life history is time of major and often rapid morphological, physiological and functional change. The development of motor control and movement through this period is a fundamental yet poorly understood area of neuromechanics.
Evolution of Motor Control
and Movement
Motor control and movement systems reflect their evolutionary histories. Examining such systems in evolutionary contexts not only informs our understanding of neuromechanical design and function but also provide insight into evolutionary history and processes.


IGERT Career Panel and workshop

Moto-IGERT sponsored a career panel and workshop for all Moto-IGERT trainees at the Field Museum on January 15th. Six scientists from the Chicago area discussed their own career paths and choices, then met informally over dinner with our Moto-IGERT trainees. This workshop was organized in response to trainees' requests for more career-oriented information and discussions.

Neuromechanics Symposium

On April 27th, 2012, the Moto-IGERT program hosted the second Chicago Neuromechanics Symposium on the University of Chicago campus.
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IGERT Bootcamp in Motor Control and Movement

Two courses, Outreach training with Project Exploration and Specialized Research Opportunities in IGERT Laboratories were offered in Autumn Quarter 2012. More »


Moto-IGERT at 2012 Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM

IGERT was represented at the 2012 Emerging Researchers National Conference in Science Technology Math and Engineering. More »

Society for Integrative Biology (SICB) Annual Meeting

Five IGERT Trainees attended the annual SICB national meeting. More »

Moto-IGERT and Project Exploration team-up

IGERT trainees worked with Chicago Public School (CPS) students in two hands-on workshops this Autumn. More »